Assignment Name
Civil Township Infrastructure Development in Block 7


Location within Country
Block 7, Gaborone West, Gaborone

Professional Services By:

Name of Client
Botswana Housing Corporation (through Integrated Development Consultancy)

Urban Development

Civil Township Infrastructure Development in Block 7

Description of Project

Bergstan provided design, contract documentation and contract supervision of the roads, storm water drainage system and water supply.  The Integrated Development Consultancy is responsible for the design of the sewer reticulation, with Liebenberg & Stander undertaking a design audit.

The project consists of civil infrastructure development including storm water drainage, road works, water and sewer reticulation for 2342 residential plots, 4 schools, 428 high density units, 12 civic and community development units, 5 playgrounds, a city park and a local center.  Currently at Construction Supervision stage.