Assignment Name
Mmadinare Senior Secondary School



Location within Country
Mmadinare, Central District

Professional Services By:

Name of Client
Department of Building & Engineering Services

Urban Development

Mmadinare Senior Secondary School

Description of Project

Bergstan provided full civil and partial structural design and construction supervision of the numerous building structures for the complex, as well as design of the water and sewer reticulation systems, the roads and stormwater drainage systems.

Structural:  The school consists of a double storey academic complex, three storey hostel blocks and double storey residential complex and the associated support facilities like kitchen and dining hall, multipurpose hall and sports fields and courts.  Most of the building structures are founded on raft foundations.  The project was fast tracked and the design adopted easy to build technologies to reduce construction time.  The site is spread over 25 hectares.

Civil:  The project consists of stormwater drainage, road works, water and sewer reticulation design for the development.